Wish life was always as delightful as this

Click on the above photo to see a close up of M's face -- goofy look

This past Saturday we had the perfect sunny weather to enjoy a day trip to the beach. This was M's first non-lake beach experience so we couldn't wait to get there. Once we arrived at Grayton Beach State Park (FL) I couldn't help but remember our last visit there right after Rob's graduation from flight school in 2004. Rob's Mom and Dad and my Dad, Naidine and sister, Ella were all there to enjoy a great day at the beach. Watching Rob and M play on the shore was like déjà vu from our trip in 2004 when we took Ella (who would have been around Maia's age at the time) out in the waves to jump and dodge them as they crashed and rolled into us. ...happy, happy times. :) (Once I get back to Kansas I'll scan some of the photos from the 2004 trip to include in this post, be on the lookout for those sometime in late April). M loved the way the sand felt on her toes -- "like sugar and flour," she said. The lovely thing about the sand in the Florida panhandle is how fine and white it is...well, like sugar. When you walk across the dry sand and don't pick your heels up all the way, just enough to let them drag across the top of the sand it makes a delightful squeaking noise that is especially entertaining. Can't wait to go back!

We were hoping for sunny skies again this weekend to go back but it looks like rain for the weekend. Oh well, it's probably for the best since it's spring break for most of the area universities and we really need to tear out a number of bushes and small trees at our house in Ozark (for those of you who don't know, we bought a house here in AL when Rob was in flight school and have been renting it out since we moved after flight school). It was shocking (and a bit sad) to see how overgrown the landscaping was and how the lawn was now completely taken over by weeds. I'm going to try to convince Rob to let me hire a lawn service to do the upkeep on the lawn since that's probably not something most tenants would actually have the time to mess with here in Alabama (the soil isn't exactly the most forgiving for lush landscaping). I'm also hoping to prime and repaint the kitchen cabinets before we leave to go back to Kansas. I was a fool and thought that if I sanded the cupboards I wouldn't need to prime them (oops!). They're chipping slightly in a few areas and Rob seems to think that we can just touch them up but it's only been 5 years since we were here and I want to do it right -- the way I should have done it the first time (shame on me...I even knew better). Other than the landscaping and chipping cabinets everything seems to be in decent condition. The current tenants seem to be taking good care of the place and were very open about letting us take a look at everything last weekend so we can't complain.
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  1. These pics are beautiful, Sarah! Beach pics are my favorite...you really must turn a few into black and white and frame them :o)
    When do you get back to KS????

  2. These pics are gorgeous Sarah! Beach pics are my absolute favorite!
    When do you get back to KS? I miss you!