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Here I am, back to resurrect my blog again, dust off the cobwebs, get back into my groove...

I'm struggling with where to start. There are so many photos plus all of the activities we've had over the past couple of weeks. I decided to post what I thought M's grandparents would most appreciate before it's Christmas. What did M do for Easter? Easter was a three-day event for us this year. On Good Friday, M received the Easter egg hunt in a box from Grandma Deb, then we went outside to fly a kite (more photos of that later). Saturday, we went to the zoo for their Easter celebration (another excuse to see Nia, the baby chimp). And, of course, our own Easter celebration consisting of a little egg hunt for M, Swedish pancakes for breakfast, dying eggs (usually we do that a day or two before) and a little time on the piano for me. I'll be back soon,
Hope your Easter was as lovely and tranquil as ours!
With much love and many hugs,
Easter egg hunt in a box, thanks to Grandma Deb (she loved this)

Scary flip-flop wearing Easter bunny at the Sunset Zoo (Manhattan, KS)

Dino-egg rescue obstacle course at Sunset Zoo ("tar pits")

More dino egg rescue obstacle course ("spider web")

Drizzly Easter Sunday egg hunt in the house

A little egg dyeing technique tutorial:

(bug wings, eyes, legs, etc. from a kit given by Grandma Deni last year -- fun idea and thoroughly enjoyed!)

1. Gather your supplies: contact paper, scrapbook punches, hard-boiled eggs

2. Punch desired shapes from contact paper, peel paper backing and adhere shape to egg

3. Dip into dye, blot dry with paper towel and peel contact paper sticker from egg and shine with soft cloth dampened in vegetable oil.
(leaf prints done with nylon stocking and cilantro -- place leaf or flower on egg, tightly wrap piece of nylon stocking around egg and secure with twist tie. Dip into dye, then remove stocking and leaf. Blot dry and shine with soft cloth dampened in vegetable oil.
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