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For my birthday this year, as part of my birthday gift he agreed to help me assemble Maia's new bed before he had to go to work. In fact, it was his idea since he knows how much I love assembling furniture (no, really, for real, no joke!)
M, with her frying pan of screws, helping us set the bed slats by placing screws in each hole

M, one step ahead of Daddy

Lil' ol' me, setting screws into the front of the trundle and drawers

Finished project, complete with trundle and three drawers for storage (a great deal on a solid wood Captain's bed with trundle - $398, including shipping here).

Before and After Photos of the Alabama House while on TDY:

Kitchen (original appearance when we moved in - good condition, just too dark and very outdated)

Kitchen - post painting (these are actually photos from when we were living there -- the first time I painted the cabinets. Kitchen looks the same now after repainting, just with someone else's stuff that I didn't think was appropriate to show without their permission)

Front of House - WAYYYYYYY overgrown! (not at all how I remembered it, we thought the trees in front were shrubs -- my how things change in 5 years!)

Front of house (same house) - mid planting and mulching

Front of house - complete (shrubs and plants are small now, but will fill in the blank spaces as they grow -- but won't swallow the house)

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  1. She's such a big girl with a big girl bed!!!! Awe!