There's no place like home...

Like many other military families, "home" has been many different places for us. Wherever the army sends us, we manage to plant ourselves comfortably and spread our roots to make any place feel like home. Most importantly we make friends with people that we should have known our whole lives -- at least it feels that way. Without friends to lean on, laugh or cry with, vent to or share situations with, life would be, well...depressing! I would rather cry my heart out for weeks, knowing that good friends are moving away than to never have known them at all. Such is the way with military life. We've gone through this more times than we have moved since the friends we make don't usually PCS the same time we move. To ALL of my dear friends: military, childhood, work who have since moved, I'm really missing all of you at the moment. We just went through another round of good friends leaving the area (more to go this summer) and, honestly, I'm feeling sorry for myself. Time to think of a way to be together again. Thank you for your friendships, you have no idea what you all mean to me!
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