A Butterfly Birthday

Several months ago I began chatting with M about what kind of birthday she would like to have this year for her 4th birthday (4 already, seriously?!). She told me that she wanted a butterfly fairy birthday with a rainbow dress, rainbow crown and a rainbow wand and wings. Later on she only talked about butterflies so that put a little pressure off on me (now I didn't have to make little crowns and wands to go with the wings). While I had been making several party brainstorm lists and thought about the party in Alabama, I really didn't get a chance to start planning her party until we returned in April. I had less than one month to make final decisions and to create everything I had planned for the party. Turns out the creating didn't really happen until the week of the party. Talk about a madhouse over here! I had huge aspirations and ginormous plans but some of my crazy ideas had to be scrapped due to the lack of time. My dear cousin Beth (you can see her blog here: Little Tree) drove down from South Dakota to be here for the weekend and was an Enormous help to me in getting ready for the party. If it weren't for her and for my sweet husband, this little party would have been an absolute disaster. I can't thank them enough!

Party details:
  1. The children were given butterfly wings to wear (from the $1 store), then played with balloons until all the guests arrived then they gathered around the table and made bracelets with pipe cleaners and pony beads (super simple craft but easy for young children to thread the beads onto the pipe cleaners).

  2. Craft #2 - the children made butterflies using round coffee filters, on which they colored designs such as stripes and spots and wooden clothes pins (non-spring type).
  3. Then, they went outside, nets in hand (nets - from Target's $1 section) to play a game of Elefun, a game consisting of a small fan or blower, a tube (elephant's trunk) and several plastic butterflies. You turn on the game and the butterflies blow out of the tube and the children try to catch them in their nets. The children really seemed to enjoy the game.

  4. Finally - cupcakes and presents. M requested strawberry cupcakes like the ones I made for her last year. Then she added that her favorite cake was banana cake. So, I went with it -- Banana cupcakes with strawberry mascarpone filling, topped with white chocolate ganache. I've got to hand it to her, M came up with a pretty darn tasty idea of a cupcake! I'll post the recipe later this week.

  5. Overall party rating from the birthday girl: "that was so much fun, I don't want my friends to go home! I'm going to turn five soon! Then, my friends can come to my birthday when I'm five!" I think it was a hit.

Drinking nectar from flower straws

M's party: just a few photos - butterfly birthday outfit and trying to beat the wind to blow out the candles on her cupcake - more photos to come.

Party preparation: Beth slaving away, painting old fashioned wooden clothespins and bases for the butterfly craft, table revealing the "organization" of party preparation, shrink art butterfly barrettes to go in the favor bags and, of course, the invitation
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  1. I wish we could have been there. Miss you guys so much!

  2. Sara Rogness13 May, 2009 20:43

    HEY! If you're up for sewing more butterfly themed-anything check out Valorie Wells Del Hi collectioN (quilthome.com)- she has I think two different prints w/em in several colors. May or may not be M's style, but definitely take a look. Oh, and heading through your state this weekend (my one week off from school before I hit it again via summer session 1). Hope you guys are doing well- Sara

  3. I'm so terrible about not responding to my comments, please forgive me! We so miss you guys, K, G & M! Sara, thanks so much for the tip on Valorie Wells. I'm familiar with the Dahlia prints but had not seen the butterflies until you mentioned this collection. M has already suggested a few projects using those prints. :)