Camping and Fishing Extravaganza!

Our Memorial Day weekend was a true summer kick-off for us. We ventured to Milford Lake for M to experience her first camping and fishing adventure -- all her idea, by the way. We decided to take it easy for her first trip and stay just one night. We packed everything we could into 24 hours of outdoor fun. Our site was perfect (aside from the freaks who decided to drive around the lake in their pontoon around midnight and must have thought that everyone in the county needed to hear their music) and we even had the lake next to us (just a simple 25-30 foot sheer cliff). Once we claimed our site and set up camp, we drove down to the bait shop to pick up nightcrawlers, ice and firewood. At the shop, Rob went back to the cooler to pick out a box of night crawlers and as he opened the box, M said, "Are those for real?!" She couldn't believe that Daddy grabbed a box of worms out of the refrigerator.

After we got back to the campsite, Rob and M started baiting the hooks for a little fishing fun. At first, Rob was hoping that M would be able to catch one of the large carp that were feeding on fallen tree blossoms near the the shoreline. The carp weren't taking the bait (corn for them) so they tried a nightcrawler. After 5-10 minutes, the result can be seen in the video below:

Would you believe that she watched Rob prepare the catfish and never seemed bothered by what was happening? She was more than ready to eat her catch even though she gave it a name, "Fishy." The fresh catfish was soooo very tasty with a little butter, garlic and a squeeze of lemon. M was pretty proud of herself and was loving the praise all through dinner.

After dinner, we broke in the pie iron to make "pudgy pies" -- filling of your choice between two slices of bread. We made two kinds using a caramel apple filling that I prepared beforehand for some and toasted marshmallows and chocolate for the other variety -- both tasty. M's favorite was the toasted marshmallow and chocolate pie.

M decided to tell ghost stories after her belly was filled. I do have video of her stories and will post them later this week. It just takes so darn long to upload videos here.

Anywho...M's camping verdict is definitely positive. We will absolutely be going back very soon.

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  1. WAY TO GO M!!! Looks like you all had a blast!