Shrunken Buttercup Bag

Many thanks to Rae Hoekstra of Made by Rae for generously sharing the free tutorial for this little bag. Designing your own patterns is not easy and to freely give them away is definitely benevolent. I need to get on the ball with more tutorials of my own!
Her version is larger and with a cute little button tab embellishment instead of the flower and I added a couple of red buttons to the handles just because. The flower was requested by M and is certainly fitting for a little girl's purse. To reduce the size of her pattern to the size that I used, I simply printed two pages per sheet. The fabric flower was something I learned from one of my 4-H leaders many years ago (yes I was a nerd in 4-H and loved it -- big surprise). I googled fabric flower tutorial and came up with a number of them but the one that most closely resembles the method that I used is at Pink Paper Peppermints. The purse measures ~ 4" high by ~6.5" at it's widest point.
M's response: "For me, it's just the right size for me! Thank you, Mommy, it's beautiful! Can I take it on a bike ride?"
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