Cameo of M's Beloved Bear

Meet "Mr. Piggybone" -- she's really a girl and a cat in a polar bear's disguise. M received "Bear" (as she was originally named) from her Babu (my stepmom, Naidine) on a trip back to South Dakota after arriving back to the States from our time in Germany. Bear has been The one possession of M's that we don't make her share with anyone as she has become quite special to M from the moment she laid eyes on him. For her first year, her favorite was a rat from IKEA but when she received Bear, I mean, Mr. Piggybone, she was smitten. Mr. Piggybone was Bear for the first two and a half years after M adopted her, then changed aliases temporarily to Toolie last fall and finally, Mr. Piggybone. When we asked M where she got the name Mr. Piggybone, she kept saying Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I think she has watched the show 3 or 4 times and it had been months since she had seen an episode before she came up with the alias for Bear. I never remembered hearing about a character named Mr. Piggybone. Well, yesterday I found Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and let her watch. Pretty soon I hear, "see, I told you!" Mickey's little cat's name is Mr. Pettibone. I didn't correct her, though since I think Mr. Piggybone is much cuter and very unique. So...it's been three years since M first got Mr. Piggybone and although she isn't as pristine as when she first arrived she's well loved.

M, age 18 months snuggling with Daddy and Bear
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