Fishing on Father's Day

Admittedly, I really had no desire to go fishing yesterday. It might have been the fact that packing the house is foremost on my mind right now (well, maybe not at this particular second since I have chosen to blog and not pack for the moment) or perhaps that I really didn't feel like sitting still in one spot while I watched M and Rob cast their lines. Rob could tell that I wasn't into the idea but I told him I just wanted to be with the two of them on his special day and I would try not to be grumpy. When we finally got to the lake I was feeling better about just being a spectator and actually more content with the idea that it is okay to sit and do nothing every once in a while. Well...I enjoyed being the bystander yesterday and now have to deal with the guilt of my previous misconceptions about how I perceived the day was going to go. I mean, really! I was a fool for being such a party pooper, especially since it was such a satisfying day. We started the day with Crème Brûlée French Toast (delicious recipe, by the way -- probably even better with pecans) went fishing at Moon Lake, M caught two bluegill and released them and I caught a Northern Cricket Frog that didn't stay in my hand long enough for a photograph (very cute little dude) and ended with a nice evening walk (M on her bicycle).

Oh, M did tell us that she was running away. She wasn't mad at us she just decided that was the imaginary play for the moment.
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