Time for a change of scenery

Oops...didn't mean to hit publish before I finished this post, thought I hit save. Here's the rest of the story

As much as we love this little neighborhood, the walking trail, playground and all of the trees surrounding us [this is where I left off when I prematurely hit publish:)], our little home on Lowe Place is just not space efficient for us any longer. On top of that, the allergens in this old house are overwhelming. There are only a couple of our friends left in the neighborhood as most have PCS'd elsewhere around the world ('tis the way of military life) and those who are left will be moving within a year or so.

Our new house (rented -- not willing to have a second mortgage) is newly constructed as of this year. Two of the greatest features that were lacking at the house here on Ft. Riley is a two-car garage, and more than one bathroom (sure would have been nice to have a bathroom on each floor here when we were potty training Maia). We will have a basement, where the water heater and central HVAC are Not inconveniently located in the center of the room. Moving day has been moved up twice now so it looks like the big day is June 26th/27th. Yippee! More details to came after moving day.

In case we weren't quite convinced that we were ready to move, the view of the courtyard area isn't so pretty at the moment since all of the gas lines are being replaced on post. They're working on our neighborhood at the moment and everyone has either a muddy trench, 3-foot wide muddy strip or both in their yards. They'll probably be finishing up just as we're moving out.
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  1. What a cliff hanger...I can't wait to see the end of this sentence =)
    No, no. I'm so happy for you guys and can't wait to come see the new venture.

  2. so that's what all the flags were for...hm, interesting. Super excited for you guys!

  3. Yeah, wishful thinking I guess -- hoping all the flags were for improvements to the courtyard. Oh well, I'm sure the new gas lines are needed. Hopefully, for te sake of anyone moving in, the water pipes will be replaced since we have to flush the rust and other sediments regularly

  4. Wow, you guys will have a busy month. Can't wait to chat soon and catch up.