Fooling Natural Selection (perhaps in vain)

I'm loving all the natural light that we receive in the basement from the two tall windows down there. Unfortunately, since the window wells are so deep to accommodate the height of the windows and there is no safety grate or cover over them, the local wildlife tends to fall in and get trapped. Since this happens on a daily basis we just removed the screens so we have easy access to do quick rescues. On the 4th of July alone we rescued a leopard frog, two Woodhouse's toads and a baby cottontail.
The leopard frogs and toads could probably survive well down there given the ample supply of insects if we provide a shallow dish of water for them so they don't dry out. I'm 100% convinced that I've rescued the same plump Woodhouse's toad at least four times in the last week. It likes to hang out by the hose, which is conveniently placed between the heat pump and window wells.
These last three are all photos of the same little dude but he was so docile and very easy to get up close. I had to include the lens cap (only about 3.5 inches) in the last photo for scale.I had absolutely no problem catching it in a cotton bag and releasing it up above. I am concerned that it didn't seem at all afraid of me. I guess it's "fright or flight" instincts aren't exactly developed.

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