Washcloth Monster Puppets and a Buttercup Bag

Since most of the unpacking has been done for a little while now (and we can even park both cars in the garage), I've been able to put together a couple of projects and hem a pair of pants. I always have something to hem...why won't that pile ever go away?

A little friend of ours turned one last week so I decided to make him a set of monster bath puppets. Originally, I was going to make animal puppets with the washcloths but decided that the monsters would be more forgiving and I felt like I had more freedom designing them. Yes, they're goofy, but they made me laugh. Hopefully they didn't scare their new owner.
For another dear friend on a milestone birthday, I made a "Buttercup Bag" using the free tutorial found at Made by Rae and print fabric from Anna Maria Horner's 2007 Chocolate Lollipop line. This is the same pattern I used to create M's smaller version of the bag. Photo quality sucks, oh well.
Oh, completely unrelated... look who was watching me workout in the window well last night. I know what you're thinking, but they're both females. I left them undisturbed last night since they were actively catching loads of insects.
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  1. OMG Sarah....I love those little monster guys! You are truly talented and inspiring! Hope all is well.

  2. the pile doesn't go away because we don't grow! =)