You shoulda' seen the other guy! (settling in)

Well, on Saturday it will have been two weeks since the move and we're almost completely unpacked....just some arranging in the basement (playroom/sewing/art room), organizing the books and hanging artwork.

As with most moves, our little local move had its fair share of hurdles. Since the house is new construction, most businesses don't recognize our address so we had many, many phone calls to make to complete our change of address forms...no convenience of the Internet.

Poor Rob looked like he was brawling at the local bar by the time we moved all the furniture and boxes into the house. When we were guiding a large wall locker down the ramp of the Uhaul, the locker got caught on the top of the ramp and came down on the bridge of Rob's nose. We're pretty sure that he broke his nose but, thankfully, he didn't suffer too badly -- no more constant headaches and he didn't really even have black eyes. He busted a couple of his fingers open and, somehow, got a horrible-looking hematoma on his arm (he has no idea how it happened).

Overall, however, this has been the least stressful move considering we had a full week to clear housing on post after moving everything to our house here (even beat-up Rob agrees).

Fun stuff:
Yesterday and the day before we put off our house arranging to assemble a playset for M.

The wood is cedar and smells soooooo heavenly (I wish our garage and closet walls were lined with the stuff). M asked if we could stay here forever. She wasn't happy with my answer but I couldn't lie. That's about it for now...time to go finish the last details of setting up house. I'll post photos of the house next time.

Until then, much love and many hugs... Sarah.

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  1. So glad the move went smoothly (for the most part) and you all are happy in your new home. Hope to come see it in person soon! Smooches to you all