Anyone missing their keet?

Update: sadly, little dude was acting disoriented and wobbly night before last and wouldn't drink any water. We were able to get a couple of drops into his mouth using a syringe but he wasn't looking good at all. I just had this feeling that he wouldn't make it through the night. I wish I hadn't been right. :(

While we were eating dinner on the deck yesterday evening we spotted a bright yellow bird flying in the backyard. We knew immediately that it was somebody's pet. So I crouched down and crept up on the little dude. He (I think) was definitely tame but not exactly keen on being captured so he kept hopping an fluttering away from me. Rob brought me M's bug net and we snatched him up. Last night we asked some neighbors if they were missing their pet and then posted an ad on Craigslist. Today we printed flyers and put them up around the neighborhood so hopefully his owners will find him. No, we are not adding to our household (Tigger and Shasta would probably like to have him for breakfast), we will find a good home for him if his owners never show. Although, he is a cute little bugger.
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