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"Hoppy" the grasshopper -- successfully kept alive for 5 days as of today with grass clippings from the backyard (only for lunch, though). M told us today that she was happy that we let her have a wild animal for a pet (referring to Hoppy).

Raindrops, yummy!

What to do with a bush of basil -- make pesto, delicioso!

Snow-on-the-mountain: lovely wildflowers from an evening bike ride. They grow in abundance where we are in the Flint Hills along with wild sunflowers and many many other lovely prairie flowers and grasses. I prefer Black Hills vegetation but there's nothing like walking on a summer's evening and smelling the sweet, sweet air on the prairie.

Horny tomato/bad photography -- was delicious on a grilled Pizza Margherita

I know it's been a while and I have no excuse other than I've been busy enjoying the summer with Rob and M. We haven't even traveled anywhere yet. Last weekend we were supposed to leave for a short visit to SD and then trek to Oregon to hike around Crater Lake and enjoy the OR coastline. Well, reservations didn't pan out since Rob's leave paperwork fell through (l o n g story). No biggie, his leave is officially approved for this weekend so we'll just be going to SD for 5 days or so and then coming back to KS. Oregon will happen at a later date, just not at the moment.
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