AFTER -- good riddance to this stuff...hope the LION's club can utilize the glasses at least

Thank goodness it was LASIK and not PRK. Despite how dorky and drugged I look with my fancy anti-scratch/rub-my-eyes goggles, I'm feeling great. The worst was the two hours after the procedure but even that was no big deal -- just felt like I was wearing dirty contact lenses and was pulling an all-nighter. Actually, my eyes feel worse after pulling an all-nighter so this has been a cake-walk. I declined the Valium so I could be coherent once I got home. Plus, I really wanted to be able to experience everything with my own senses. I haven't even taken a Tylenol. Once they put the flap of lens back over your eye -- WHOA! Can't wait to see even more improvement when I wake up tomorrow morning. By the way, this entire post was written completely without the assistance of corrective lenses. Awesomeness.

Rob, you are the greatest husband EVER! Thanks so much for doing this for me!
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  1. I am beyond happy for you! When we got Aaron's eyes done he was ecstatic for weeks. Couldn't stop talking about how different everything was and how amazing it was to wake up in the morning and be able to see without fumbling through the top of his nightstand to find his glasses. Congrats! ~Alicia

  2. Hi Sarah,
    Thanks for the comment. Your family is awesome! Five of us Pixar fellas came out this summer, but EVERYONE at the studio wants to join us next time. I don't think your dad will have a shortage of volunteers any time soon. Have you gone on any of the digs? Congrats on the lasik, by the way. A few of my friends have had the procedure and I've heard nothing but good things!

  3. Thanks guys! Definitely no regrets with LASIK here. :) To Munchaka: I'm thrilled you had such a good time in digger country and that you enjoyed your time with my fam. I spent much of my childhood on digs and collecting trips with my dad and brothers. We used to roll our eyes at kids who said they were going camping for a weekend since our entire summers were spent in tents on the prairie. I think we took it all for granted then. My husband is in the military so I don't get to go out into the field like I used to (last time I was on a dig was Wyrex -- 2004 http://www.unearthingtrex.com/). Looks like this summer I may be out with my daughter though.