From Tigger

"So...I hear my family really misses me. You know, I had a pretty great life with them.
They rescued me from the animal shelter in August of 1996 when I was only 11 weeks old. I fooled them into thinking that I was a puppy. I loved to play fetch and was a typical lap dog. I suppose I became too sophisticated for fetch by the time Shasta arrived, since she wanted to play fetch, too. Such a child's game. My adoptive parents would do anything for me. I had them wrapped around my little pinky pad. You know, they even let me drink out of the bathroom faucet when I convinced them that I didn't like the taste of my water in a plastic bowl? Eventually they wised up and bought me a proper stoneware bowl...much better.
Well, Dad is in the Army, so we had to move a lot. I didn't like it when the packing started. The sound of the tape totally freaked me out. However, I did love the road trips -- moving across the country, even overseas. Okay, I could have done without the plane rides to and from Germany. The rides in the cold cargo area made my eyes water and it was kinda' scary. Worst of all, I couldn't eat any food.
I miss my buddy, Shasta. Hope she can stay warm without me and that she doesn't get too bored not having me around to pounce on.
Up until we were in Alabama, I kept growing and growing and growing...okay, I was Fat. I grew to a stout 22.5 pounds! Our roommate, Matt even started a new form of measurement, "the Tigger." What is your weight in Tigger's? Mom and Dad couldn't figure out how I was swelling. The only table scraps they allowed me to have were a couple of slivers of roasted turkey each Thanksgiving Day. I sure had them fooled. ;) I was eating Shasta's food and some of our roommate's cat's food. After we moved to Alabama and Mom and Dad finally wised up and separated my food from Shasta's, I lost the fat and was a trim 12.5 lbs. They thought I needed liposuction, the way the loose skin dangled from my belly. I didn't mind a little extra skin.

Mom and Dad still love telling the pizza dough story from when we lived in Germany. Mom set out some frozen pizza dough (to thaw) wrapped in parchment and in a Ziploc bag that she had made a couple of weeks before. The family decided to step out for a bit and left Shasta and I behind. When they returned home, Mom found half of the pizza dough on the counter, along with shredded parchment paper and a half eaten Ziploc bag. Boy was I in trouble. More importantly, ugh...Man, was I sick!

Gosh, I miss them all so much. Even little Maia knew how to make a lap for me. They were such good snugglers. I miss their laps."

It's been 10 days since we said "goodbye" to Tigger. When I was vacuuming a couple of days ago and still found some of Tigger's fur on one of the dining room chair cushions, I was actually happy to see it, but sad to vacuum it away.

We sure miss having him there, waiting for his lap the second we sat down. We love and miss our Tigger.
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  1. What a beautiful tribute. It's odd that even I miss him and got a little teary eyed reading this post. Love you all tons!