How to get a free pet at Wally World

Meet Sasis (M's made up name for her new pet Eastern Gray Treefrog -- well, I suppose she could be Cope's Gray Treefrog but the only way to tell these two species apart is by the sound of their calls). On November 8th, we were in Wally World in Manhattan picking up a couple of lights when M asked to go look at the Christmas stuff. As we were headed in that direction, I felt and saw something tiny jump between my legs near the houseplants. It was Sasis! She must have hitched a ride on one of the houseplants and chose us to make her escape. I had Rob and M keep an eye on her while I ran to grab a Rubbermaid tote. We snatched her up and made our way to the check out. M already had a little toy aquarium of sorts that came with a coupon for a mail order leopard frog. Since it was already late we decided to bring her home, give her a little water and then shop for a more appropriate home and crickets in the morning.

Well, she has a voracious appetite and is downright vicious when she goes for the crickets--fun to watch. Rob says she looks like a linebacker when she charges for them. She's doing really well, fattening up nicely and really seems to be enjoying her enclosure. M picked out a really nice fake piece of driftwood with lots of hiding places. Treefrogs are small and she's approximately 2.25" (snout-vent length). Sounds small, yet the largest recorded frog of her species was 2.375" (snout-vent length)! She's a giant! Oh, and I believe she's a she because her throat is white (males have dark patches on their throats) and females tend to be larger in this species as well. Not that anyone reading this really cares about all the details, this is just the closest thing to research I have now that I'm a SAHM.

While this little treefrog's distribution does overlap our area slightly, the native ones are probably overwintering right now since we've had a couple of freezes. So...we feel that we are giving her the best chance of survival here. Besides, she has a guaranteed food supply. Her species is freeze tolerant, by the way -- so freakin' cool. That was one of my favorite Herp subjects.
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  1. I love this post! Why? Because, out of all the thousands of people that shop at Wally World, this cute little treefrog chose to make her presence known at the exact moment when you should be there.... the one person I know who could give her the perfect home and know how to take care of her. :o) It's the little things about life that I love so much! Miss you, friend!

  2. Thank you, thank you, Connie -- such kind words! Sure do miss you as well!