My little listmaker

A few weeks ago, maybe a week or two before Halloween, I was writing the weekly grocery list and M decided that she needed to make her list, too. Even though I could hear her sounding out letters, I just thought she was drawing so she could be with me. After about 20 or 30 minutes she says, "Mommy, I made my grocery list!" Typically, when she's writing words she asks me to help her sound them out so she can spell them correctly. However, when she made her list she decided to spell the words as they sounded phonetically to her. She still spelled salad and mushrooms correctly all by herself! "S's" and "J's" get her all riled up sometimes because she sometimes writes them backwards and realizes that there's something wrong but she says that her fingers keep doing the wrong thing. I have Never made her practice her letters. I have asked her before, but she's usually the one who asks for some practice paper for her letters. She truly loves to learn!
"Okay, Mom, I'm ready to go!"

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  1. wow this pic of her makes her look so grown up. she's not supposed to grow, she needs to stay cute lil cuddly M forever =)