Printable Grocery List

This has been my grocery list for several years now. In Germany I finally typed up a general list, organized by aisle (Hanau Commissary layout). When we moved to Kansas, I altered it to flow with the Fort Riley Commissary layout. Anal? Totally and I'm not one bit ashamed. Wouldn't you like to make your life easier? You can print your own here. It will print two on one 8.5" x 11" sheet of paper.

I posted this list a couple of years ago but it kinda' got lost in a very long posting. Pin It


  1. Wow.... I just buy what looks good. Unfortunately if I am hungry that means a $150 trip...if not only $75. :) I admire your organizational skills...even if it may be a bit OCD....CDO alphabetically :)

  2. Definitely OCD, Matt -- hee hee! I even mark next to each item if I have a coupon for it -- saves me so much time, especially since I used to write out each list on a pice of paper according to category, then if I ran out of room on one category, I would crumple it up and start over. This totally saves my sanity.