Trappy Nappy II

This was actually finished in October for my friend Jane. Although it's difficult to tell from the photo, the bag is a subtle trapezoid, not quite as obvious as the first one I made for Meredith. This one has a magnetic snap closure. The divider is attached on the bottom of this one (it wasn't on the first) and no inside zippered pocket. I added a zippered pocket to the outside instead. I think I may do both on the next one. There are four main gusseted pockets inside, with two pen pockets (inside a gusseted pocket) and a cell phone pouch. Outside is the zippered pocket and two side pockets. I included a coordinating changing pad and nursing cover-up (cover-up isn't in the photo since I had already given that to her)
I'm trying to decide if I want to add a flap to the next one. I go back and forth because, while a flap would make the bag look more tailored and neat, it isn't as easy to access the goods inside when you're scrambling to do a quick diaper change in a nasty public restroom just to get out of there as humanly possible. I'm struggling with looks versus functionality. Pin It


  1. I would suggest no flap. There have been times when I needed to get to a pacifier or rattle as quickly as possible. Love the fabric on this one and am still loving the Trappy Nappy.

  2. makes me want to have babies...would that be for the wrong reason????

  3. Well, I think I'll stick to no flap unless I have a special request. Thanks so much for the input, Anonymous (Mer?)!

    Too funny, Beth -- How about if I make you a bag anyway? :)