Handmade Christmas (image heavy)

There's definitely a more efficient way of doing this but this shall be my method for the day.
Since everyone (well, most everyone) has received their gifts by now, here's a sampling of what was produced in the ol' workshop this year:
  • Lavendar Flax Seed Eye Pillows (cold therapy for headaches)
  • Wallet -- I made this one up as I went along. I carefully drafted a pattern for what I wanted but I kept making adjustments the whole time I was sewing the darn thing. There is definitely room for improvement (Front view is in the previous photos with the Buttercup bags).
  • Bow Ties -- This was kind of a joke, something my brother wanted for work. No, he doesn't have a corporate or office job, he's a paleo-tech -- works with dinosaurs. I used the tutorial from Martha and it was definitely too short. Her pattern needs some adjusting.
  • Drawing portfolio -- (drafted this one as well but was inspired by Pink Chalk's pencil roll)
  • I Spy Bags -- I had seen these somewhere in blogland a while back and decided to come up with my own version by adding the trim to frame the window and a grommet to attach the list of items
  • Little Dresses/Nighties -- I made two from a dress pattern in a Japanese sewing book (sorry I can't give you the title, I can't read Japanese). I thought the pattern was suitable for a nightie depending on what fabric I used. Even though they're in flannel, I suppose they could be worn as dresses.
  • Cash concealers -- (tried think of a clever way to give cash) Took the bills of choice and folded them to fit small acrylic boxes (For one, I just wrapped the bills in plastic, which made it much easier to mold the Model Magic around -- no corners to try to disguise). Then, I molded Model Magic around the bundle of bills, allowed them to dry and had M decorate them. She said she was making jewels on the stars. We poked holes in the top to be used as ornaments and included a note saying that it was a gift within a gift. The Model Magic is slightly spongy when it's dry and extremely lightweight so it's really not that hard to cut into to retrieve a little prize.
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  1. you always amaze me sarah! great work! Oh, i got a sewing machine for christmas...so now i can try to learn =)

  2. yay! A great starter book with some cute projects is Bend the Rules Sewing by Amy Karol.

  3. Sarah, I am so jealous! You are such a CRAFTY person. I am crafty in a quilting way, but you are the ALL AROUND GIRL!

    I love your eye spy bags! I hope you don't mind, but I might have to make a few of those for the boys. They would be great for passing time while waiting for appointments or resturants. So COOL! Can I ask what you used for the plastic bag part?

  4. What an amazing collection of gifts! Your color book is so much better than mine! The top stitching really makes a big difference.