Parhelia in Kansas (b-b-b-b-b-b-brrrrrrrrr)

Taken w/Nikon D70s

Taken with point-and-shoot Canon PowerShot A550

This "Arctic Blast" as The Weather Channel has dubbed it has certainly brought freezing temperatures our way. The 20° temps were bad enough but now we're officially in the negatives. I think the high is supposed to be 10°F but with a -8°F wind chill. Yes, I from two states further north and I've experienced much colder weather. However, you see, I was born in the wrong part of the world. Anything below 65° is cold. I'm enjoying the snow, but summer, you can't come too soon!

The photos are from this morning. Rob told me that I needed to brave the cold to venture outside and take a couple of pictures of the parhelia (sun dogs). S-s-s-sooo c-c-c-cooold, but I'm so glad he called my attention to them -- stunning. Now I need to learn more about taking photographs of the sun.
Rob took this on his way home from work this morning -- nice little snow drift across Spring Valley Rd.
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