The Rainbow Connection

Part of M's bedtime routine is singing songs. One of our favorites from childhood is "The Rainbow Connection," specifically, Kermit's version. Rob and M just sing the first verse here with "regular" voices and again with Rob's Kermit impression. M has been working very hard on her own Kermit the Frog impression so as soon as she's willing to let me video that, I will be posting her version as well.

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  1. Super cute! I love listening to kiddos sing.

  2. They have such a great connection I love it! She is sooooo adorable!
    Kim Deyo

  3. O my goodness -- I so needed that! I was having such a down and sad day today, definitely cheered me up! So adorable!

    Sarah K. (Staci and Alyssa's mom from dance!)