My first "commissioned" Diaper Bag

I have yet to create an actual inventory to list onto Etsy, however, thanks to good friends and their trust, I actually have a few projects in the works. This is the latest commissioned project, a "Trappy Nappy" diaper bag (with coordinating changing pad and nursing coverup) created for the sister of a dear friend. She has had some huge hurdles this past year yet she still manages to stay upbeat and hopeful. Just one week ago, she and her husband were finally able to bring home their baby girl, Kynlie, who was born at 24 weeks in October and weighing only 1lb, 4.5 oz. Her story is bittersweet, yet full of hope and miracles. This little miracle baby is truly amazing. Congratulations, Ashley & Neil!

Now...time to go play with my new toy and retire an old friend. More on that later.
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  1. You are such a crafty person! I wish that I had half the skills that you do. I can make a mean quilt, but to have all the other skills would be so cool!

  2. Tammy O'Donnell07 February, 2010 18:29

    The diaper bag and everything in it are so beautiful, Sarah. You have an amazing talent.