Thank you, Rob!

(and Super Bowl weekend sales at the quilt shop)

Since Rob got a new laptop for his deployment coping gift, I asked how he felt about me getting a new sewing machine. Surely even he was sick of the sound of the ol' Brother's mo
tor struggling to stitch through an obscene number of fabric, fleece and interfacing layers. Before he could give me an answer, I began to spout off how frustrated I was with the evenness of stitch length, needle breaking, loud motor, ripping out seams, blah, blah, blah. I knew he would be okay with me getting a new machine, but would he approve of the price of type of quality I really needed. I researched for weeks (actually, I've been researching for years hoping the prices would drop), knowing that I wanted the quality of a Viking or Bernina. Pfaff was definitely going to be out of my price range and they're being manufactured by Viking now anyway. I decided between two different models, the Viking Emerald 875 and the Bernina Activa 230PE, but I had to test drive them. Now, I had to reveal the price to Rob. I did tell him that I would probably be able to get a better deal through the dealer in the sewing shop but there weren't any guarantees. I didn't have to prep him with all the reasons why this would be a good purchase. He had been listening to me complain about the Brother for a while now (seven years -- plus seven more for the previous $89 Brother model) and he knows that I research every purchase to death, including promo codes, rebates and coupons. He simply said, find whatever you need. I trust your judgment.

I knew I was going to buy from an authorized dealer to take full advantage of the warranty and to test the machines out with the fabric and layers that I would be using but I was terrified of the salesman pitch. The pitch totally stresses me out. Well, I had to make a trip to Manhattan to the quilt shop to pick up fabric for my latest project and knew that they were an authorized Bernina dealership so I would give the Bernina a test run. Whoa! I was blown away with how it handled 4 layers of Peltex + 8 layers of medium wt. canvas + 4 layers of heavyweight interfacing and how quiet it was while it stitched through the bundle with no problem. Awesome. Then I began to look at all the features and fell in love. The nice sales lady also explained their SuperBowl weekend sale, involving the trade-in of your old machine for a new one. I was able to snag the machine for almost half of the MSRP and I didn't have to turn in my old machine (actually, the lady didn't want it -- if she wasn't so nice, she probably would have laughed in me face). We took home a shiny new Bernina -- no test drive for the Viking, this was it! Three words -- giddy, giddy, giddy! This shall surely keep me up until the wee hours of the morning during this next deployment. I'm sure I lost most of my readers by now, but no matter. I can't contain the excitement and Rob is on a bus headed back from taking aircraft to the port in TX so I can't talk to him. In fairness to my old friend, Brother, it treated me as well as it was capable of and always got me through each and every challenge I put it through, no matter how much it protested. I really did abuse the poor thing. Check out the damage I did to the faceplate by "helping" my fabric/interfacing/Peltex layer sandwiches along (a definite no-no but this was a necessity). See those gouges in the faceplate where the needle lowers (green arrow)? The Brother is retired (until May) when Maia will start sewing. She informed me that she wants to sew when she turns five.

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  1. Sarah! Girl I am so jealous! Congrats on the new machine! You are so right you do pay for Quality! Boy do you pay...I would love to be the owner of a Bernina Aurora440 QE...one day, one day. :)

  2. Sarah, I read the entire thing!!! What a great present to yourself - can't wait to see all the beautiful projects coming up. Congrats!