Finally, I'm feeling motivated to catch up on a few things. The month prior to Rob leaving we just played, had fun and enjoyed being together as a family. Guess I kinda' put off everything (to include cleaning) to savor every moment with him. Now that it's been nearly a week since he left, I'm still struggling to find my motivation. Gloomy weather doesn't help matters. Apparently, the sun should break through the clouds this evening before it sets so M & I are looking forward to that. I'm hoping that typing a little post here will also clear my head.

Making a valentine for M
We did our best using the dead trees as a tripod -- had to crop way down so the resolution is pretty grainy
Chillin' down by the river
Take me with you, Daddy!
Per M's request: a Maia doll for Daddy, fits right into his leg pocket. She even requested that we make it so that the the Maia doll could hold hands with her Daddy doll so I inserted super strong magnets into the hands (one on each doll). You'll probably be seeing the M doll around soon in photos from the Far East.
Missing you, dear heart! I2!
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  1. Great pictures Sarah! I think the doll is a great idea and the pics that Rob takes later will be awesome. Motivation is a hard thing to find sometime. I'm having trouble finding it myself and I have no excuse! I hope that the sun comes out for y'all and that you're doing well.
    -Krystle Henry

  2. Awe Sarah, I am sorry that Rob had to deploy again. Never fun.

    I can't believe how long your hair is getting! And I love your little baby belly!

    And, (and, and, and- Ha, I sound like a broken record) Maia is getting so big!

    Lots of love and prayers your way.

  3. Sarah, I just love you and your family! You guys are so darn adorable! And look at your super cute belly...I bet you're lovin' it!

  4. I love the Maia doll and your cute baby belly. You girls take care of each other! Miss you guys.

  5. Diddo to everyone's comments above. Love you guys and can't wait to come visit and hang out in May!

  6. i LOVE the pics - especially of them making scrunchy faces at each other. lol. you have such a beautiful family :)

  7. It was wonderful seeing you last month on your trip to South Dakota before Rob left. We LOVE you all and will keep you all in our thoughts and prayers.
    - Aunt Cindy & Uncle Glen