The Birds -- well, bird

When I went downstairs this morning to start breakfast, there were several small holes in the drapes. Someone had been climbing them...someone who might possibly want to live in the bathroom for a while, especially since she ate the tops off all my cilantro and zinnia seedlings and threw it up onto the carpet. Oh, Shasta. At least she's cute, fun and keeps us company. She's nearly ten years old, yet she still acts like a kitten.

I suppose she does have an excuse for the drapes, though. This morning I kept hearing something tapping the window and Shasta was going nuts. There was (and still is) a freaky little robin flying up to the window. I don't see any signs of a nest so I wonder if it's purposely trying to taunt Shasta.

See it for yourself (oh, and don't mind "Super Why" in the background):

The robin continues to fly into the window after 4+ hours. How much stamina does this thing have? What the heck is up? Seriously!

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  1. Crazy birdie! It is always sad when those silly things do that. The last time we had a bird do that they accidently died trying to attack their reflection.

    However, it's pretty cool that Shasta is still so young at heart!

  2. We have a chickadee doing the same thing to our kitchen window. We think ours is making a nest in a birdhouse near the window so maybe he is trying to chase away the bird he sees in the window. Agree it is curious why he keeps on doing it.~~Vonnie Howe