A few things to keep us busy

Since Rob deployed in early March, we've had enough things to keep us busy outside of the house that we haven't had much time for projects at home. Well, I guess we did have that incident with the sewage pipes backing up in the basement (not due to a "blockage" but to improper installation -- people, sewage does NOT travel uphill). Thank goodness that's over with, for now anyway. Keeping up with blog posts has been put off for time outside. That's a good enough excuse, right?

A little 'kid-sized' travel neck pillow and sleeping mask (actually done before he left) -- This is another free-handed pattern. Once I get everything typed out, I'll post it on the blog for your personal use . M really loves them and uses them e-v-e-r-y time we get in the car. Not that she actually sleeps every time, but she just likes the novelty of having them.

Commissioned Diaper Wallet Changing Kit, complete with changing pad, wipes and pockets for ointments, etc.-- There was a small personalized quilt to go with this batch but the two photos I have are too crappy to post
The "Maia doll" in progress -- Daddy has the finished product with him in Iraq. He's been taking her with him on all his flights tucked safely in one of his many flight suit pockets
I just sketched a simple body (turned out rather alien-esque), then added clothing and had M add color. Most importantly, and the greatest suggestion ever by our sweet daughter, was to make sure that the Maia doll could hold hands with the Daddy doll (in progress). I used a super strong magnet, inserted in the palm of one of the hands. For the finished doll, seen in this post, I added hair and made a little dress (M picked out the fabric from my scraps). The doll has a ginormous head that bobbles and looks fairly wonky but both M & Rob liked it and wouldn't let me do a different one.

One way M is entertained while I sew...this one is a project for Daddy.

This one is still in progress. She received a "daddy doll" at the battalion pre-deployment briefing (had weird long yarn hair on the top of its head that we cut off) that you personalize by inserting a photo into the face of the doll. Very sweet of the powers that be who arranged for all of the children to have one of these dolls, but I still had in my head what I wanted to do for M and her Daddy. I wanted make the next dolls more rag doll style with floppy legs and arms. So...I sketched separate arms, legs, head and body pieces and failed to consider the size of the body in proportion to everything. I just knew I wanted a larger head...

...one of the arms, ready for its magnet. Didn't see the problem yet...

...stitched the arms and legs to one head/body piece. Oh, yeah! you have to be able to fold in the arms and legs in order to attach the other body/head piece. Rob, I'm so sorry that this little mini-you wound up in the trash. Well, I finally bought more printable fabric so I'll be able to try again. This is the reality of making it up as you go.

The latest finished project, another Trappy Nappy (+ nursing cover-up and changing pad) for a dear, dear friend. Pregnancy brain totally got the better of me during this project. After I boxed up the bag and it's contents, I realized that I didn't add a zippered pocket on the inside. Maybe it's not a big deal but it was one detail that I didn't want to leave out. Every one of these bags has been different, and I'm not talking about fabric choice. I keep changing stuff around. Now, I think I'm ready to design something totally different. I get to experiment on myself for a change. ;) I better hurry, 'cuz the baby will be here in about 10 weeks!
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  1. Super cute is all I have to say! I am just so jealous that you are just such a crafty lady! You really are an inspiration!

    First the traveling sleep system, super cute. Steve is always talking about neck pillows. Ha!

    The doll is such a fun project to help kiddos out with deployments.

    And lastly...the Nappy Trappy! LOVE IT! Everything is so. Bea-utiful! I love the colors and all your workmanship. You are truely gifted!

    Hope all is going well with you all and that the pregnancy is going well. Tell Maia hello and give the baby a pat. :)

  2. Very talented! :) I love your bags.