Promoting cloth

We usually use flatfolds or prefolds and Thirsties diaper covers  
When M was a baby, I really wished we could have used cloth diapers on her.  Not that it wasn't possible, we just shared washers and dryers in our stairwell apartment in Germany -- gross.  Since we have an efficient and deep-cleaning front-loader, I can use cloth diapers on L with the peace of mind that the diapers will be clean and sanitary as will the washer being used to clean them. 

Why do I bother? We have sensitive skin in this family.  M battled nasty diaper rash when she was in diapers.  So far, we don't even need diaper ointment for L as long as we use cloth.  When we're away from home for longer than a couple of hours I'll use disposables but that's about to change as well once I finish my diaper bag.  This is the biggest perk to me of cloth versus disposable but the environmental and cost benefits certainly help as well. 

Charlie's Soap, vinegar, borax and good ol' sunshine are my friends.  Thanks to my dad, I also have a handy dandy diaper sprayer, sure to be the envy of the cloth diapering community and for those of you who wish to have your very own bidet without an added fixture in the bathroom (Rob discovered the true value of our sprayer and is quite proud of this find).  Sure, they sell diaper sprayers in the stores for around $40 but this one is better made since it's fabricated by Dad.  Wish you could have one? Check out this tutorial and you can install one yourself for under $25.  By the way, we've had it for over two months and it hasn't leaked yet.  The plastic dishpan is to ease my paranoia. Pin It

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