A bit of this and a bit of that

One of those snuggly Sunday mornings

This is not my work but a friend asked me to recreate this bag, since the one she loved so much was beginning to show the love...

...Added hardware on the handles and an inner zippered pocket.  I like her fabric choice for the contrast.

Another order, requested in the same style as the recreation.  I enjoy making bags but after making eight of these, I'm tired of the BDU/ACU prints and the style.  I need a break from the monotony.

I finished recovering the old infant seat about two weeks after L was born.  I had the seat cover finished, minus the binding  before she arrived and fully intended to have it completed before she made her grand entrance.  Tigger is posing in the infant seat before we first used it with Maia.

Here it is, that time of year where I really become insane -- Halloween costumes, planning get-togethers for holiday events, gift making, yada, yada yada.  Rob realized long ago that I thrive in chaos, piling on the projects.  I thought about committing to post on the blog every day from Halloween to Christmas but that's just ridiculous.  We'll see...maybe we'll start with one per week.  
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  1. maybe i should shoot for one a month :S

  2. Maia and Libby are just so pretty! I can't believe how fast they grow. I hadn't seen the army bags for a while now, then I went to my brother's change of command and the SKO's wife had one. That is when I decided I would give it a try, I just have to wait for Steve to blow out a knee or something in a uniform. :) I really like how you incorperated a secondary fabric, great idea!