They say it's best

Picture this:  It's after 7 o'clock in the evening, just a couple of days before R&R began for us.  We're hungry, including L.  Dinner is almost ready but L has decided that she's been patient long enough.  M has taken it upon herself to calm her ravenous sister.  L is in her bouncy seat so M slides L's bouncer close to her own chair so that she can multitask - bounce L and draw.  M informs me that she knows what will help the situation and that she was going to make it all better.  I walk over to set the table and see what M is drawing: 

Surely you know where this is going...
Seriously.  You know, it actually worked for the five extra minutes I needed.  I sure love my girls!
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  1. bwahahahahahaha, bwahahahahahaha

  2. That's fantastic! She even drew the mammary glands!

  3. Ha-ha! That is so funny, my cheeks hurt from smiling. Adorable!

  4. That just made me laugh out loud!! Too funny! :) Your girls are adorable! :)