It's November!

What a beautiful fall day on this 1st day of November!  Here's to a little recuperation from the crazy Halloween weekend...

M didn't want us to carry around severed tails.  She said it was gross, so she allowed me to tie bandages around our tails to make them look like they had been repaired.
Our costumes came with a bit of a handicap when wearing the masks down - no peripheral vision and limited at that.  We really were the "Three Blind Mice."  I warned M about this but she insisted that we wear masks.  She wants her face painted next year.

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  1. love the pics! great job on the costumes - M is getting so big and beautiful!!! can't wait to see Rob's costume =)

  2. Sarah your so crafty! I love the costumes and I can't believe how big Libby is. Did you make Maia's little jacket in the first pic? I bet you did, I love swing coats, they are so cute. Hope all is well!

  3. Um ... seriously adorable!!

  4. Thank you for the kind words! M had a brilliant idea to make the bodies of the mice two pieces so we could wear them as snuggle clothes around the house. We look like a pile of cotton balls curled up on the couch (with pink tails).
    Amanda, I did make M's jacket (McCall's pattern 5697).