Handmade from the heart

The list never ends.  This is why I'm never bored...
A few photos of Christmas gifts that I remembered to take:
Small child's backpack (my own design first used to make this)

"Just add snow"- build your own snowman kits - M had fun painting all the rocks for the eyes, buttons and mouths

English toffee - I'm craving this Again.  Last batch could have cooked a tiny bit longer for a more brittle texture.

Card/Dice Game Packs with laminated instructional cards, packed in repurposed ACUs - Even included tactical decks of playing cards

For M's kindergarten teacher, Journal with quilted, hand embroidered cover - I used one of M's drawings for the center

The back - This was actually included in part of a little kit I put together that included a journal jar containing little strips of paper with ideas to write about and help record her journey as a teacher. 

One of Many reversible aprons from my favorite apron pattern (I think I made 7?) - Sadly, this is the only photo
Another apron, ready to be given

If you try this pattern, I suggest adding interfacing to the upper and lower bands on the bodice, as they tend to droop.  The aprons with the ACU print didn't have as nice of a drape as the others.  I think that's because the ACU is printed on twill, which is heavier than the quilter's weight cotton on the reverse side.  Lessons learned, I suppose.

Reverse of ACU apron

This last one was the most time consuming and emotional project after scanning 800+ photos from childhood and trying to compile them into a photo book -- well worth it.

The list goes on...

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  1. I love seeing the projects others work on! The photo book is something I would really like to make someday.