Patiently, oh so patiently...

Today, I sent a note with Maia for her teacher explaining that we are expecting Rob home very soon and that the ceremony might be during a school day, yada, yada, yada.  While her classmates were having writing time, her teacher gave her a folded piece of paper and asked her to write a story.  This is what she wrote:

She says you have to read it left to right, top to bottom.  :)

We still have plenty to do before he gets home and we're talking just a few short days, but this waiting business is 'for the birds!'
Wishing all of our soldiers a safe return to their families.

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  1. So sweet! Your girls sure are keepers. I want to squeeze them both! I am so happy your family will be together again soon!!!

  2. We are so glad your waiting is almost over! What a great joy to think that you will all be together again soon! Keeping you in our thoughts and prayers - We love you!
    Uncle Glen & Aunt Cindy