Charlie the Unicorn

Are you familiar with Film Cow's "Charlie the Unicorn" movies?  Clearly, they were the inspiration for this little story Maia wrote.  You might want to enlighten yourself with the movies before you read further.

Charlie the Unicorn - by Maia
L. PAGE: Ignore this page.  R. PAGE: Charlie the Unicorn has two sisters.  One is blue and one is red. 

L. PAGE: They went to the magical Leopleurodon.  R. PAGE:  When the magical leopleurodon roared, the sisters said, "it spoken, it's told us the way."

L. PAGE: [Sisters] Run, it's the blah, blah, blah!  R. PAGE: [Charlie] What does that mean?

L. PAGE: Nevermind.  R. PAGE: [Charlie] Aaagghh!  They took my freakin' kidney!

L. PAGE: Ta da!  R. PAGE: The End

After Rob and I wiped the tears from our eyes from laughing so hard, we had another talk with Maia about how this might be inappropriate in the eyes of many parents and probably the Spring Valley honor code.  She promised not to say "freakin'" anymore. :)

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  1. omg that is so freakin' funny!!

  2. She's probably spent too much time talking to her first cousin once removed :)

  3. Love This! My crafty friend (helping me sew) and her husband LOVE your blog. They didn't know this was a story and thought M made it up herself. Either way, very hilarious!!! Love you : )

  4. Ha! That is so funny, I love reading what kids write about. They have such imaginations!