Hello there, little neglected blog and followers if you're still out there. 
So much has happened in the last month and a half, but here are a few highlights:
  1. Our family is now whole as of the wee hours of February 28th!
  2. The "backup" hard drive (which really wasn't used for backup and contained every single photo taken since I was pregnant with Maia) crashed and many tears were shed.
  3. Rob, a.k.a. Superman, acquired a most awesome program and recovered Everything.
  4. Disney World!
  5. I pulled off my first successful April Fool's Day Joke ("carrot cake" and chocolate sauce = meatloaf/mashed potatoes and gravy)
  6. Lots of catching up, snuggling and fun!
I have to sift through all of the recovered files, they are a complete mess but at least we still have all the photos.
Here's a video of our April Fool's Day fun to entertain you in the meantime.  Thanks for stopping by!
With much love and many hugs, Sarah
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  1. Yay! I am glad that Rob is home! I love the video, Maia's face was priceless. And I must say the cake was quite a cute April fools.