Operation: Get the computer out of Libby's bedroom -- in progress...

In January, I moved Libby out of our room and into her own room.  I knew we were trashing the old guest bed but didn't have a clue as to where to put the big desktop computer.  For the meantime, I left it set up in her room.  Rob came home in March and we briefly talked about where to put the computer but never came up with a real plan.  Finally, I was Fed UP!  The move was going to happen this weekend.  After a lovely cup of coffee, I was a freakish whirlwind.  S-C-A-R-Y.  Rob patiently helped me move furniture and listen to my...um...rantings.  I hated everything, there was no solution!  If we didn't have the desk, maybe we could turn one of the armoires into a computer cabinet.  Uh oh, I said it out loud.  Rob instantly had a plan in mind.  He prepped me with, "I have an idea.  Now, just bear with me {big cheesy grin}."  I knew I was in for it, but the coffee was still working its magic and had me in a positively hyperactive trance.

His plan:
  • Utilize the bottom portion of the TV cabinet
  • Use the TV as one giant monitor
How he sold it to the fam:

  • Maia could watch Charlie the unicorn on the big TV
  • We could go through photos more conveniently
  • We didn't need to try to squeeze in another piece of furniture somewhere and mess up my chi
Could this be asking for trouble?  Sure, but I was too happy to care about that at the moment.  So... we jumped in the car and headed to Manhattan for a last minute run for cables, etc.  

It's still a work in progress, we need some sort of handy little shelf to organize the printer, speakers, paper, ink, CD-ROMs, etc.  However, I do believe everyone approves of the new changes. Now, time to get this mess cleaned up!
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  1. looks great and that was a very good idea.