Libby's Dresser Before and After

BEFORE: $40 Craigslist find - decent, solid dresser
Overall, good condition but had a spot on the top that looked like water damage
Hate the hardware, I'll try to make it work

Close up of water damage
In progress, removing layers of lacquer and horrible stain
Finito -- kinda'...hand-rubbed oil finish.  I spray-painted the hardware flat black but I still hate it.  It's too ornate.   After some new, Simple hardware, it will be finished.  I'm still unsure of what kind of wood it is.  It is a hardwood veneer over oak and pine (which explains the odd light colored stripe on the trim under the top drawer.  The stripe is oak and rounded, which would have made it difficult to apply the veneer over the whole piece of trim.

Not a good photo, but a closer look at the top.  The water damage darkened the wood, but the veneer is still in decent condition.  I just love the character in the grain!

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