Seahorse multimedia collage (kid's project!)

Step 1: Paint the water.  M used a mix of several shades of blue and green.  She left the mix a little marbled to give the water multiple shades.  She sprayed the canvas a few times to wash the canvas with the paint to keep it soft.  Then, she gave the water more texture by swirling and dabbing her brush.  She said she was creating waves and bubbles.
Step 2: I free-handed a few seahorses on yellow cardstock and had her cut them out.  She insisted on a family of four.
Nice job with the scissors, kiddo!
Time for a break, L is up from her nap and it's snack time!  Mmmm, yummy homemade peach yogurt popsicles!
They sure love each other!
Step 3: I missed a photo of her adding a few swirls of turquoise to further enhance her ocean water.  Here you see her creating curls of paper to quill the seahorses. (Ignore the pink stuff on the canvas, that comes later).
For the curls, just wrap little strips (we used 1/2" - 3/4" wide x 3" long strips of cardstock).  Repeat many Many times until you have enough to cover your seahorse(s).
Step 4: Dip curls in glue and attach to your paper seahorse(s).  Try to keep the curls touching each other, when attaching them to the seahorse(s).  Let everything dry completely.
Step 5:  While we waited for the seahorses to dry, I cut finger-like fan shapes out of scrap fabric for coral, then M sewed them onto red cardstock with a zig-zag stitch.  This was the first time she sewed on a machine.  I did operate the presser foot for her and helped her pivot on the sharp turns and corners but she guided the fabric and paper through the machine like a pro!  Once the fabric was stitched to the paper, M trimmed the excess paper away on the coral.  
Step 6: Arrange the coral pieces and seahorse(s) out on your canvas and glue in place.  M added a bit more color to the adult seahorses by coloring the top edges of each of the curls with an orange marker.
I think it adds a little more depth to her sea creatures.
Here's her finished project, ready to hang on her bedroom wall!  M's inspiration for this project came from the August issue of Your Big Backyard. You can find the original idea here.    
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