Old stuff...looking new

A few projects done during nap time over the first two weeks of school:

These first two went lightning fast.  The two little chairs were free, found on the curb before the trash collectors came.  The rocking chair was one of the first pieces of furniture Rob and I bought -- nothing special, kinda' blah solid oak rocker in an awful stain that was among the items that came in contact with sewage when we had issues with the plumbing last year.  Only the very bottoms of the rockers came in contact with the yuck, so I bleached the whole thing at least three times.  I took the easy way out with the little child's chairs and the rocker and not one bit sorry I did so.  They were all spray painted with Krylon cherry red. 


Perhaps this brings nightmares back to reality for some, since it's the exact model of desk we had in Jr. and Sr. High School, an old Crusader American School Desk found at a local thrift store for $15.  I had an idea and M was excited about it, especially since it was going to be hers! 

The condition was...eh; signs of water damage on the seat, chewing gum and rust
On the plus side, there were several hand carvings in the wood (some choice 4-letter words, of course).

After scraping at least 29 wads (those were the distinguishable ones) of ancient gum from every perceivable nook and cranny, scrubbing, scrubbing, scrubbing, vacuuming and sanding, the desk was ready for a face lift.

I primed, then spray painted the desk in the color M chose (I think it was Krylon Ocean Blue).  Then, I refinished the plywood seat with boiled linseed oil.  Finally, I used chalkboard paint on the top of the desk.  Unfortunately, I couldn't find chalkboard spray paint so it was rather frustrating trying to get a smooth finish for the top.  I finally succeeded four coats and several sandings later.  Maia waited very patiently for that chalkboard top to be finished.  Once I was content with the surface, she had to wait three whole days before she could draw on the surface. 

Can I have one too?

Maia was sweet to set up some of Libby's little books in the cubby. 

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