Gooood Eeevening!

$14.99 wedding dress found at Goodwill transformed into...
Maia wanted to be the Corpse Bride for Halloween this year.  She wanted Libby to be Scraps from the movie, but I already decided that Rob, Libby and I would revisit the Willy Wonka and Oompa Loompa costumes to avoid a little stress.  We had a great time with those costumes five years ago and it was time to bring them back.

Oompa loompa Liberty do...

Willy and the perfect accessory

Click HERE if you want to see the fam 5 years ago

Cheese -- y

The worm/maggot, sculpted from Fimo

Those eyelashes are ridiculous, aren't they?! Can you believe she wore them?
Today did not go as smoothly as I had envisioned...busy, busy, busy.  Wish I had taken more photos.  I missed some closeups of Maia's costume, her skeleton arm, exposed rib cage, etc.  Oh well.  I had big plans back in August for our family costumes but life happened.  Thankfully, we had the Wonka costumes to fall back on.  Happy Halloween!
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