Tooth fairy expenses

Maia has been trying to wiggle her teeth loose since kindergarten when one of her classmates lost a tooth.  Finally, last Friday, she noticed Two were loose (both lower central incisors)!  Since I was already procrastinating on Halloween costumes, I decided to divert my attention even further from them and whip up a little tooth pillow for that momentous occasion.  Maia chose the fabric from my stash.  Then I drew two designs for her to chose from and this was the result:  

Back of the pillow - I found a Baby Anbesol printable primary tooth chart and just copied into MSPaint, cropped a little and printed it onto printable fabric.  Then I fused lightweight interfacing to the back of the chart, pinked the edges and stitched it onto the back of the pillow with variegated thread.

What is the going rate for baby teeth these days anyway?  A toothbrush?  Floss?  A dollar?  My brothers and I didn't grow up with the tooth fairy so I am probably going to let something slip.  It happens every year around Christmas time with Santa Claus.  Thankfully, Maia hasn't caught on yet.  Hopefully I won't ruin the magic.

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