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Sometimes cash really is the perfect gift but how do you send it?  My mother and father-in-law sent cash to us a time or two and made us work for it.  For example, they taped 50-60+ one dollar bills together, end-to-end and rolled them onto a pencil and wrapped them up in a Kleenex box.  It was a fun way to receive cash and was definitely put to good use.  For the "bill pickles," I took 5-6 green balloons, rolled up a few bills and put a rolled bill in each balloon (I did leave a balloon or two empty), blew up each balloon (just a little) and tied them shut.  Then I put the "pickles" in a jar, created labels and, voila.  I stumbled upon this idea on the net a while back, but the description suggested that you add water to the jar.  Originally I was going to do this, but a couple of the balloons already had tiny holes in them and were already beginning to deflate.  I didn't want to send soggy cash.

The girls made these fingerprint reindeer for the grandparents and Maia also took them as a craft for her class to to make during her class Christmas party.

New stockings for the family made with Echino helicopter linen and ACU print twill for the backs, a little hand embroidery and ACU nametapes.  These are crummy photos, but I'm really happy with how the stockings turned out.

The day after Christmas, Maia lost her second tooth.  Unfortunately, the tooth fairy "couldn't find" Maia's tooth pillow that night.  So the next night she left this: a dollar bill folded into a heart and another freshwater pearl charm to go on her bracelet that the tooth fairy left on her first visit.

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