A little handmade for Christmas 2011 (1 of 2)

Aviator's flight kit bag...the bag itself is not handmade.  I just couldn't find Denier or Cordura nylon in ACU print.  The handmade portion is a little hand-embroidered note stitched into the inside of the bag.  The note is personal, but our girlies are modeling the bag. 
A quick little project - little chalkboard kits in drawstring bags
Inspired by a very similar kit on Etsy -- Indian Spice Kit in the box
and a jar of whole spice Indian Chai, ready to brew

Just a closeup of some of the spices because I think they make up the most beautiful color palette in the world.  Mmmmm...it smelled so good,
I was a little sad to send away the package.
A teacher survival kit for Maia's teacher (top of the box view)
Inside the teacher's survival kit - from top to bottom, left to right: hand sanitizer, mini Tide-to-go pen, lip balm (under the sanitizer), emery boards (cut in half so they would fit) and nail clippers, Starbucks Via Instant Mocha, snazzy paper clips, binder clips, Lindt truffles, ear plugs and band-aids, Extra strength Excederin, magnets, push pins, Jolly Rancher chews, Mini Altoids and Wint-o-green candies, Magic erasers (cut in half), more Starbucks Via Instant Mocha, Larger paper clips, larger binder clips, more Lindt truffles.
Christmas cut-out sugar cookies made with my Maia. 
Wouldn't be Christmas without Christmas dinosaur cookies

Mmmmmarshmallows, delicious homemade peppermint marshmallows 
in homemade hot chocolate
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