Hearts and stuff

Some Valentine's Day fun for the kiddos:

We turned this Amazon.com box into...

Complete with a cardboard latch
back view
In progress, before covering with white paper and decorating -- we used a cereal box to make the rolled top.

Maia drew all of the hearts and the M on scrapbook paper
...and cut them out... many, many hearts.  She also used a paper punch for all the butterflies.
Then we made Valentines for all of her classmates
They were scratch-offs!  Learn how to make your own at the end of this post!

So far, the box and latch are still holding up with lots of use

 Valentine's day t-shirts using doilies as stencils and a simple backstitch for the embroidery
"All you need is LOVE"
"LOVE is all you need."  (poor congested pumpkin)
Happy National Heart Month!

 How to make your own scratch-offs:
  1. Decide what you want to be covered by the scratch off paint.
  2. Protect that area by covering it with contact paper.
  3. In a small dish or paint palette, combine two parts metallic acrylic craft paint with one part dish detergent.  Mix thoroughly.
  4. Paint the contact paper with the mixture.  Allow to dry.  Add more coats if necessary.  (We drew hearts larger than the photos on the paper backing of contact paper, then painted the contact paper and cut the hearts out after the paint was dry.  Finally, we peeled the paper backing off the painted contact paper hearts and applied them to cut photo hearts.)
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