Leap Day time capsule

Only once every four years do we have the opportunity to celebrate an extra day in our calendar year.  Here's how we spent a portion of our extra day:

Last night after dinner, we all sat around the table and put together a Leap Day time capsule to be opened February 29th, 2016.  The very thought of that evening turns my heart to goo.  

Some of the items we included in our time capsule: letters to our future selves, a newspaper from Leap Day 2012 from the town we live in currently, current photos of all of us, a list of current prices/hit songs, etc. and Maia added a LPS turtle and a 4-way pen.

Rob writing to his future self (he even included little notes to each of us!)

Maia writing to her future self

Even Libby wrote a little something.  I wrote a few things on her little card about what she's doing now at 20 months, like her favorite song and how we highly suspect that she's left-handed!  No, her favorite song is not the A,B,C's or a lullaby, she goes crazy for "Soul Sister" by Train.

That's me, writing to my future self.

Shasta rolled around on the floor, while we wrote.

We're all ready for bed, but we needed a quick snapshot of our little family before closing up the time capsule.

Maia made the label in her "fancy" letters -- Do Not Open Until Feb. 29th, 2016.  We're keeping it in the basement since we'll probably move before the next Leap Day.  After all, we've been here almost 6 years!
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