Jeep... Jeep... Jeep, Jeep, Jeeeeeeeeeeeep!

Oh, let the fun begin!  Two weeks ago, Rob purchased his "forever vehicle" through USAA's car buying program.  This is our second purchase through USAA and I can't speak more highly about this program.  The girls Love riding in the Jeep with the doors off and the top down.  Although I wasn't expecting to make this purchase until the next move, I'm so glad Rob couldn't wait any longer.  It's the perfect fun-machine!

 Quick 2minute video of Libby's Jeep enthusiasm

Tiny thrill-seeker

Installing side-steps for little legs

They think they're pretty cool
It's not as bright in person as it appears in the photo...it's Brighter!  Crazy, obnoxious gecko green -- we love it

Helping Daddy

Speaking of green, Maia is on a mission to "clean up the world."

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