Charlie the Unicorn Birthday Party -- Backtracking to May 2011

Last year when Maia turned 6, I never posted her "Charlie the Unicorn" party.  First, my backup hard drive crashed, then our desktop computer crashed (and was completely trashed).  Finally, I have sorted through the thousands of files that superman rescued for me.  I realize it's a year-plus later, but I couldn't go on without documenting such a memorable event.  Now that I've gone through all of the photos, I really need to learn from past mistakes and take more photos.  Please excuse the quality. 

A Charlie the Unicorn Birthday Party:
Perhaps it was inappropriate for her age.  Perhaps we offended some.  Perhaps it shouldn't even be mentioned.  Well, here we go anyway.  Consider yourself warned.
The invitations -- by Maia
Candy Mountain "cake" cheat using a giant batch of Rice Krispy treats, colored marshmallow fluff for the icing and lots of candy -- We also served chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes.

Birthday girl sporting her unicorn horn
Pin the kidney on the snowman, poster drawn by Rob, a.k.a. Superman
How do you pin a kidney on a snowman?
Items hunted for in the scavenger hunt: unicorn eraser, mini banana, "Z," magical amulet (plastic ring), "Choo, Choo Shoe," and Starfish (loves you)
36 little wooden blocks = ...
...216 tiny drawings for story dice.  The favors were little buckets to gather items from the scavenger hunt and bags with story dice (idea from Wee Wonderfuls), little handmade blank books and twig pencils

If you're curious and have not yet experienced "Charlie the Unicorn" for yourself, take a moment to watch all three episodes by FilmCow here
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