Brown-eyed birthdays

Seven and two...
Dressed in their birthday dresses for the 3-1 Family Ball -- Maia chose the fabric for both dresses, unicorns for herself of course.  I was still sewing on embellishments 20 minutes before we had to leave.  Maia's still needs embroidery on the gray linen.

Next to their handsome Daddy

C'mon, let's dance!

I love the looks on their faces...warms my heart!

Mmmmmyyyyyyy JEEP!

Still dressed, let's go to dinner (he wanted out of his Blues immediately)!

Maia's birthday class treats -- homemade Oreos (Rob liked the original better than the homemade version.  Maia liked the homemade better.  Personally, I think they are both gross).

Another birthday request from Maia, Rainbow Jello (a.k.a. OCD jello) -- also gross but always a hit with kids

Seven candles!! Birthday fun with two of her best buds
Love that smile
Little investigator

Finally, it's My turn!

Monster cupcakes for my littlest monster

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